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Life is Busy: Who Has Time For Class?


Recent College Graduate

As a recent college graduate who was unable to pursue all the coursework you would have liked in college, you would love to continue your education. But even with a full-time job, you are still working on a budget, and don't have the money to commit to taking traditional classes just yet.

Working Parent

You'd love to finish up some coursework that you started many years ago, but having to balance your work and your family life is difficult, and you just no longer have the time to commit to a traditional education.


Now that you're retired, you have plenty of time on your hands to continue your education. Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since you've been in school, and you have no idea which classes interest you most.

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MOOCs are the perfect place to test the waters of education! Consider enrolling in a variety of different classes -- anything that might interest you! Try each out for a few lectures; if it doesn't pique your interest, feel free to discontinue your participation. MOOCs are designed to benefit the student -- dropping a course does not negatively impact the professor or anyone else in the class. Most classes are free and easy to enroll in, so keep looking until you find something you love!

Downtime can be hard to find when the kids have soccer and there is an important board meeting coming up next week, but MOOCs offer the accessibility and flexibility that you need. As they are mostly video-based, you can catch a lecture on the treadmill before work, or on the train home in the evening. Halftime at your son's football game? Sounds like a great time to pull out your iPad and tackle half an hour of material!

As a recent graduate, your biggest concern is likely making ends meet. And when it comes down to it, you probably aren't ready to stretch your budget to take more classes after having just left the classroom. Fortunately, many courses across various institutions are completely free of charge, so fear not, you'll have no problem paying your bills! 

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