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Ricardo Teixeira

Economics Student

"The instructors did a wonderful job explaining the notions and concepts, as well as individual histories, of classical Economists. They managed to break down very complex systems and thought and spoon feed us just the gist of the matter. They are great communicators and certainly deserve praise for putting together such a consistent course from very disparate materials."

Dianne Owens

Anatomy Student

"Understanding of learning is tested via quizzes, and students are encouraged to engage in activities such as the experiments, food and activity diaries. The students were certainly engaged as a result, spending time discussing the materials."

Marcelo Soares

Computer Science Student

"Professor Widom is great, and the way it was organized showed me it was possible to take an online course with a real sense of difficulty. You took the programming challenges and they either worked or not. You could not fumble your way."

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