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With dozens of institutions and learning programs available to you via the internet, all at no cost, it can be difficult to find the material that best fits your needs. The following list provides a great basis to begin your MOOC experience -- these programs are consistently rated higher than their competitors, and while each offers something different, they are all a great place to start your continuing education!

Best known for hosting courses from 29 of the top universities in the world, including Harvard and MIT, EdX contains the best courses across dozens of subjects with the best professors.

Saylor courses are founded on the idea of continual update -- a blueprint for the course is constructed by a credentialed professor, but from there, the course can be updated by consultants to fill in any gaps!

Coursera offers more courses than any other MOOC program, with 500+ programs across 100+ universities, and even more notably, many of their courses allow you to earn credit recognition from traditional universities!

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If you are looking to become proficient in web design, Skillfeed is the MOOC program for you. any of their classes focus on Photoshop, Illustrator and HTML, and help you on your way to building your very own website!

Udemy is best utilized to learn new skills. Whether you are hoping for a promotion at work, looking to open your own business, or to increase the technical skills you use on a day to day basis, Udemy is the site for you

These courses offed by Yale University are primarily introductory level, which makes them perfect for high school students who are looking to choose a major for college, or for non-students who are looking to pick up a new subject!

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