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Massive Open Online Courses


Massive Open Online Courses vary significantly from the traditional sense of education,

giving students the accessibility and flexibility that no traditional university can offer them

Traditional Classes Meet Face to Face

As the name suggests, MOOCs are internet-based courses. Lectures are pre-recorded by professors, discussions between students are held in online forums, and any assignments are submitted electronically. The design of this class allows for open enrollment -- that is, there is no cap to class size. Some classes have tens of thousands of students!

Traditional Classes Have A Rigid Schedule

Unlike a traditional class, which might meet every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 50 minutes, MOOCs are a 'do it at your own pace' tool. The lectures and other material can be covered whenever you wish -- before work, at the gym, or in bed on a weekend. You can tackle 4 hours of material in one day, or stretch it out over an entire week, the choice is absolutely yours.

Traditional Classes Are Selective

Traditional university classes are generally open only to those who were accepted into the insitution on the basis of their application, and even then, many courses are only open to those with specific majors. MOOCs bear none of these restrictions. Any person, no matter their age, place of residence, area of expertise or level of education can join. Been out of school for 15 years? You're good go! An accounting major looking to learn some astrophysics? Have at it!

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