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҉҉҉҉   Most courses are free


҉   Largest selection of coursework


҉   Largest selection of participating    



҉   State of the art discussion forums


҉   Opportunities to work towards

   traditional university credits

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The Opportunities Are Endless


Your MOOC experience is easily customized for your personal goals. Whether you are looking for a free class, or are in the market for a paid class that can help you towards earning real credit at a traditional university, there are options for you. Whether you are looking to learn a new language, or would prefer to tackle a course in computer science, there are options for you. Whether you are looking for an individual experience, focused on lectures, or instead hoping to participate in group activities and discussion, there are options for you.


 The terrific thing about MOOCs is that they are offered by multiple institutions, and each come with a different flavor -- view some of the best MOOC institutions below, and see what each has to offer!

҉   Classes are 100% free


҉   Biggest catalog from prestigious        universities (MIT, Harvard)


҉   Free "honor system" certification


҉   Opportunity for verified



҉   Strong science and medicine            


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҉   All classes can be started at any

   time -- no wait necessary


҉   Best option for self-paced learning


҉   Strong in computer science



҉   Easily accessible via mobile phone

   app for iPhone or Android


҉   Opportunities to work towards

   traditional university credits 

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